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The first world exhibition of Marcello Barenghi - "It's life"
Seoul Apr. 24 - Aug 22, 2021

On Saturday 24 April, my first exhibition was opened at the Daewon Museum in Seoul, preceded, the day before, by a commemorative photo shoot with the Italian Ambassador Federico Failla.
At the opening there were many celebrities such as
Hooranky Bae (digital artist)Oh Min (Korea’s first beauty director), Park Young-sun (top model), Hyun Mo Yang (photo artist).The exhibition, entitled "Marcello Barenghi: It's Life", consisted of more than 100 artworks and lasted 4 months.

Open ceremony with Italian Ambassador Federico Failla


The exhibition was divided into several rooms:
1. History Zone (photos and bio), 
2. Pre-show - Enjoy the Exhibition Decoration, 
3. Paintings (canvas painted live on YouTube),
4. Reproductions / Cartoons / Illustrations (some
5. Drawings (some of my most famous drawings on social networks)
6. Video Zone (speed drawings and tutorials)
7. Lighting Zone 
8. Photo and Ending Zone
and of course the Art Shop (catalogs, gadgets, art supplies).


The exhibition was also designed to entertain children who enjoyed creating their hyper-realistic and 3D drawings, also experimenting with the use of the airbrush.

The exhibition was organized by Made in View in collaboration with Artemios and Pialux and with the support of STX, Felix, IPark Mall, Namee, Woori Bank, Enjoy Exhibitions and the Italian Cultural Institute of Seoul

Click here to download the Exhibition Catalogue (pdf).

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