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  1. Complete step-by-step tutorial to make an impressive 3D drawing

  2. Techniques for drawing shadows

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What will I learn?


30" Step by Step Tutorial

  • How to make the outline sketch for hyperrealistic illustrations

  • How to keep your drawings always clean

  • How to create a great base color

  • How to use different media to get the best out of each one

  • Techniques to create textures and shadows incredibly realistic and flawless

  • How to get the 3D effect

And much more!

FREE Tutorial

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How to draw a perfect shade,
even without an airbrush


The cast shadow is one of the most difficult parts in the drawing, with the airbrush it is easier and it gets better, but it is possible to make excellent cast shadows with other materials.
In this tutorial, I'll explain my two techniques for quality results:

  • How to draw cast shadow with Colored Pencils

  • How to draw cast shadow with Copic